Befriend Your Nervous System!

It's all about tuning into the activities that make your brain feel good. Here are ideas to get you started.

1. Make sleep a priority. Check out a little something called sleep hygiene for some specific tips if you're the sort who's sleep suffers under stress.

2. Limit your news consumption. It will make a huge difference with reducing your stress levels, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

3. Eat more vegetables, fruit and other whole foods, and limit processed foods, to help keep your blood sugar levels and hormones balanced.

4. Go for a long walk. Long, slow motions help the body process out cortisol and other stress hormones, and being out in nature is a panacea.

5. The brain really benefits from routines- especially knowing when you'll have your next meal. Eliminating some of the mystery around when you eat, go to bed, and wake gives your nervous system less to worry about.

6. Exercise a few times a week. It's amazing how much more hopeful you feel with a flush of endorphins in your system.

7. Consider supplements like vitamin D, B, Omega 3s & Magnesium for their anti-inflammatory and mood stabilizing properties.

8. Meditate or do a guided visualization. Even 5-10 minutes a day is helpful. There are lots of free, online guided meditations on YouTube, and meditation apps for your phone.

9. In your interactions with others, notice that both anxiety and hope spread easily. Protect yourself when you need to by making quiet time for yourself.

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