About Naomi

Naomi is a Certified Health Coach and Personal Chef dedicated to helping people with food sensitivities improve their quality of life through dietary and lifestyle changes.


Naomi finds Health Coaching to be the perfect synthesis of her work and life experiences, utilizing knowledge acquired in the kitchen, classroom, and her own adventures. Before becoming a Health Coach, Naomi worked as a commercial cook, organic vegetable farmer, and began her career as a Personal Chef specializing in cooking for folks with food allergies.  


Naomi has 10 years combined experience teaching herself and others to find relief from chronic illness with food.

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2019) - Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

  • The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (2008) - Certified Macrobiotic Chef

  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Tx (2003)


I am inquisitive, open-minded, supportive, and a good listener. I offer insight while encouraging the client to lead. I approach health holistically, meaning all areas of our lives are connected and affect our well-being. My practice is focused on what works for you as an individual; I do not sell any products and I am not aligned with any particular dietary approach. 


"Naomi is always learning and growing in her own knowledge about all aspects of health. She models how to be an advocate for your own wellbeing and how to be proactive and take ownership of your health."

Brand N.

"I worked with Naomi as a health and wellness consultant for 6 months,
and in that time saw my life change.  I recommend Naomi to
anyone who is wanting to put some muscle into following through on
long-standing goals and intentions.  She is a pleasure to work with, and
a creative partner with a trove of information and great ideas."

Ana W.

"Naomi was able to help me by sharing really easy, delicious, gluten-free dishes that have since become solid family favorites."

Danielle R.

"I would recommend Naomi to anyone looking for a friendly, professional health coach willing to work with you over time in your evolving health goals. I have been impressed by her ability to adapt her cooking/coaching to my individual nutritional needs as I learn more about what works best for me and my overall wellness."

Katie R.

"Partnering with Naomi on my journey of improved health has been a wonderful experience.  Her knowledge and expertise has helped guide me to actions for accomplishing my goals.  She is supportive and provides insights to the challenges I am facing.  Naomi asks questions that prompt deeper introspection and self reflection that helped me work on core issues.  Naomi has supported making self care a priority and improved my work/life balance.  She is a talented chef that has taught me new techniques and exposed me to knew foods.  Naomi's approach is very thoughtful and is considerate of my goals and challenges when offering her guidance.  My time with Naomi has given me confidence to make healthy decisions that I feel great about!"

Erica P.

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